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YOU CAN HAVE ALL OF THIS WITHOUT a neck-worn device.


Top-rated Surround Sound by ReSound

It doesn't matter if the sound you hear is picked up by your hearing aids or wirelessly streamed to them from your iPhone®, all sounds are processed and enhanced by Surround Sound by ReSound™ – your guarantee for excellent sound quality and audibility.

The small, slim design lets you hide ReSound LiNX if you want to - or show it off if you’d rather. And while you might expect a hearing aid this little and good looking to be delicate, ReSound LiNX is durable, water resistant and powerful – fitting 90% of all hearing losses. So no matter how you look at it, ReSound LiNX won’t cramp your style.

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A direct connection to everything you love
Chat with friends, family or colleagues with ease. Use FaceTime worn device.

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Music as it was meant to be enjoyed
Listen to the music that moves you on your iPod touch® in stereo sound streamed directly to your hearing aids. Direct audio streaming from your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch is just one of the many great features of ReSound LiNX. 

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Full personalization
Imagine using your ReSound Smart™ app to fine-tune the treble or bass of a concert or a dinner conversation. Or geo-tag locations so your hearing aid switches into your preferred program for work, the gym, or your favorite café - automatically! With a swipe and a tap on your iPhone® you can unlock new reasons to love your ReSound LiNX hearing aids. 

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